Summer means Vacation Bible School!

VBS certainly isn’t something that shows up in the Bible. However, I’ve found that there is something about Bible school that empowers young people to think deeply about God. I know that I was deeply impacted by a summer Bible study my neighbor held in her driveway. (I’ve actually pondered what it might be like to have a home-based VBS at some point in the future. Maybe that bears discussion… but, I digress.)

This year we are going to take a trip to Abundance Orchard. This VBS will be slightly different than those we have participated in over the past few years. First off, there isn’t as much theatrics involved. Instead we delve right into the story and truly think about how it impacts our lives today. Abundance Orchard is provided by the Society of St. Andrew, and is focused on growing our faith and feeding hungry people. During VBS this year we will collect a love offering. Half of the offering will go to the Society of St. Andrew and the other half will go to the Bread of Life.

Sign-up sheets for VBS, both for adult leaders and for our young participants, will be available on Sunday morning, and soon on the Marshfield Christian Church website. This year our VBS will again be a day-long event on Saturday, July 22nd. Our morning will begin with an introduction at 9am and conclude around 3:30. We will have four “sessions” each an hour and a half long. Each session will have a Bible story. There will also be games and activities, music, snacks, and mission activities. We are even thinking about taking a “field trip” to the community garden to see how others are helping to feed their friends and neighbors.

In case you can’t be there, or would like to study ahead, the themes and Bible stories we are going to discuss during VBS are:

Hospitality – Abraham and Sarah prepare a meal for unexpected guests
Obedience – The Hebrew people eat a quick meal before leaving Egypt
The Miraculous – God provides manna and quail in the desert
Hunger – A poor mom shares her food with Elijah

If you are interested in helping, and want to get a head-start, there is a Pintrest board with all sorts of great ideas focused on this particular VBS program. It is found at

We will need help preparing snacks and lunch, leading games and activities, music, mission time, and help telling the stories and facilitating the discussion is always welcome as well. No matter how old you are, we would love to have you come and help us as we learn about hunger, how God provides, and how we can be a part in that process as well. Also, please invite your young friends and family members to join us as well.  It’s sure to be a day full of fun and excitement.

As always, if you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to email or call me!