Prayer Suggestions

Here are a few links and suggestions for the 24-Hour Prayer Vigil coming up next weekend. If you have a resource you;d like to share, please leave a comment, or send us an e-mail. Scroll down for the links, they are at the bottom of the page.

Prayer Suggestions

  • Pray for individuals in our church by name.
  • Pray for someone you haven’t seen in while.
  • Pray for the poor and forgotten of our community and the world. That this Easter, they would find hope for a better future.
  • Pray by listening. Take a few slow, deep breaths.  Try to clear your mind of all thoughts about what you have planned for latter, or things that have happened.  Pay close attention to your breathing, noticing the air enter and leave your lungs.  Rest in your breathing and listen for God’s voice to speak to your soul.
  • Pray for our community, that we might see a blossoming of faith in and commitment to God.
  • Pray for all people who will visit churches on Easter, that they might find a renewed relationship with the God Who Is.
  • Pray for pastors who are busy preparing to preach and present the Gospel on Easter, that God will comfort them, provide strength and wisdom, and help them discern the words to say.
  • Pray for someone you love deeply. And pray for someone who has hurt you, that they will realize the wrong and that you will find forgiveness.
  • Pray for your neighbors. Those you know and those you don’t.
  • Pray for our Area Minister, Mike Weinman; our Regional Ministry Team; and our General Minister and President, Sharon Watkins.
  • Pray while you move. Instead of sitting or kneeling, try praying while you walk around. Notice all the details of your surroundings and give thanks for the signs of spring.
  • Pray by writing.
  • Pray through scripture, open the Bible to a favorite passage, or open at random, read and let God speak to you.

Links to prayer resources:

How to Pray for an Hour by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
World News in Prayer
Prayer Vigil Guide (This resource by Desert Hills UMC is great. Pay special attention to pages 7, 11, and 12.)


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